Welcome to the homepage of the Interior Architecture Contractors Committee(hereafter ‘ICC’) of the Korea Specialty Contractors Association(hereafter ‘KOSCA’).

Our committee, a professional consultative body affiliated to the KOSCA, specializes in various works for promoting the scope of interior architecture construction business and developing relative industries.

Korean interior architecture construction business has been growing without separation between design and construction. Only, the Framework Act on the Construction Industry, the act for managing the construction industry in Korea, classified the construction industry, the business directly related the safety of the people, as a part of the professional building industry and manages construction projects and contractors’ qualifications. This act specifies that the interior architecture construction business should contain ‘interior architecture construction’ and ‘construction of wooden doors & windows, frames, and structures’, and the details are as follows.

※ Details of Interior Architecture Construction Business(Enforcement Decree of the Framework Act on the Construction Industry[Attached File 1])

Interior Architecture Construction

an interior architecture construction to create an interior proper for given functions and purposes or a construction to create or install structures, furniture, or others necessary for completing construction of an interior space.
[Construction Examples] interior architecture constructions (excluding a construction only with no. 4 painting and no. 5 masonry), creation or finish of a structure for interior space, a construction to create or install other structure, etc.

Construction of Wooden Doors & Windows, Frames, and Structures

a construction to install wooden doors & windows in a building or a construction to create or install wooden structures.
[Construction Examples] a construction for wooden doors & windows, a construction for wooden partition, a construction to create or install wooden structures

The owner of an interior construction business in Korea should be issued a construction license after meeting the registration requirements such as number of technical engineers, capital, and offices. A construction without license can be punished based on the Article 96 of the Framework Act on the Construction Industry. Thus, you must confirm that the company have a license related to the interior construction you asked before starting the construction.

There are over 3,500 member companies with interior architecture construction licenses in the ICC of the KOSCA. The interior architecture construction project is only a one-time business due to customer needs, whereas the space, the result of the construction project, will have constantly effect on customers. That is why not only experts with proper licenses should manage constructions but also the ICC and the member companies have done their best to establish safe and pleasant indoor environment and to improve related industries.